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Yahtzel biography

Yahtzel is a 19 year old australian from the small town of Ulladulla (pop. unknown) In the state of New South Wales. He is a "young producer to watch" as said in various music blogs and the australian music news site "InTheMix" There isn't alot of information on him as yet, Besides on his few sites including BandCamp, SoundCloud and Triple J unearthed. He takes his influences from underground Australian artists (mostly unexposed) He has gained alot of attention in the past year, Only time can tell what happens with this young artist. If he continues to grow as he is, we'll hear all about it. All of his work is for free download on his SoundCloud page, You can also support him by donating on the Yahtzel BandCamp page (links below) http://soundcloud.com/yahtzel http://yahtzel.bandcamp.com/

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