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Yalin biography

Born Hüseyin Yalın in 1980, Yalın wrote his first songs during his high school years and dvelved further into music when he got into college to study economics. It was then that he recorded his first demo CD. Yalın’s introduction to music goes back to his childhood when he listened to his father playing Gipsy Kings songs to him using his guitar. Since then Yalın’s interest in music grew more and more each day and contributed to him becoming one of the most popular singer/song writers of Turkey. Following 1.5 years of hard work, “Ellerine Sağlık" produced by Selim Ozturk was released. The album full of songs that captured everyone by heart became the music sensation of 2004. His personality and attitude put him in the hearts of music lovers of all ages. The single “Zalim” proved especially popular. The album’s penetration to the market was quite out of the ordinary. Within the first week following its release, the sales figures reached 200,000 copies, by the end of the first month 300,000 albums were sold all over Turkey. That album’s total sales reached 500,000 copies at the end of 4 months which made Yalın the person of one of the highest selling records in 2004. Three videos were shot for the album for the tracks that received the highest numbers of request from Yalın fans. All 3 videos, “Zalim”, “Sonsuz Ol” and “Günaydın” entered MTV’s World Chart Express at the No. 1 position. Yalın’s debut album also got into album charts in Greece and Bulgaria. With his second album “Bir Bakmışsın“, Yalın outdid his artistic achievement in his debut album. Although he kept the tone of his music similar to "Ellerine Sağlık", the music quality and the sound of “Bir Bakmışsın“ received better comments from music critiques. The album was brought together by the same group of musicians that Yalın worked with in his first album. After the successful singles of his debut album, 2 excellent songs which were accompanied with videos took Yalın back to MTV's World Chart Express – first “Ben Bilmem” followed by the incredibly successful track “Keşke”. Though not having a very long career in the business, Yalın was able to collect more than 5 of the most prestigious awards of the industry including the Best New Comer in 2004 and the Song of the Year in 2005. In 2006, Yalın collaborated with American reggae artist Shaggy and Japanese/American diva AI on AI's album What's Goin' on A.I. with the track Famous feat. Shaggy and Yalın.

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