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Yan Wagner is a young French-American artist. He was born and still lives in Paris but made his first solo appearances during an extended stay in New York City in 2008-2009. He writes and performs all his songs, merging electronic beats and sounds with a low and crooning voice. His influences span from Depeche Mode to D.A.F., from Prince to Tangerine Dream, from neo disco to early Detroit Techno. All these entrenched in a timeless Pop gesture. In the recent years, Wagner has been playing shows in France and Europe, and supported bands such as Air, Goldfrapp, Midnight Juggernauts, Hercules & Love Affair. His first album, 'Forty Eight Hours' was released in 2012. His new track is called ‘Recession Song’ and is available on the new compilation Kitsuné Parisien.

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