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During the last years, Yana Kay has become the very top level female vocalist and performer in Baltic States. It is professionalism, quality and taste, all together in: the actress with voice and great personality. Yana is modeling for many top Baltic Fashion magazines, speaks four languages and major part of her repertoire consists of songs in English. In addition to Yana's great talent, her personality helped her to win recognition and success. Being the author and composer of all her songs, Yana says: "My lyrics are coming from my heart, but the inspiration is from God ..." The army of Yana's admirers is growing with each year and each new song. They are saying Yana is "real", but the truth is that very nice and easy-going woman in life, when lights are on... suddenly, becomes unstoppable, full of charm and charisma, heartbreaking lady, spreading positive energy and giving all herself on the stage till the end. The talented little girl with a good set of vocal chords started music school majoring in piano at age 6. Her performing nature was also searching for realization and at 7, she began dancing in a choreographic studio and became involved in the entertainment business. Yana graduated from Music School at age 16 and there was no question on the direction of future career. The Cultural College of Baltics was the next step for her, where during 4 years she has studied show business, entertainment, and become a professional art director and learned how to produce shows. In the beginning of professional career Yana performed in major nightclubs using all her dancing and artistic abilities, solo and/or with accompaniment of a show-dance group. Once, the introduction of successful show program has lead to the invitation to perform in Greece at the largest music halls and clubs around the country. Upon returning to home state Yana Kay has achieved the level that allowed her to work as a singer on a full time basis. (1997) the first release of Yana Kay was on the CD MAXI-Single of the cover version of the number one hit song "My Heart Is Your Sweet Home". The absolute leader in the Baltic States was consequently recognized abroad, which started the international assimilation of Yana`s work. (1998) the second CD Single contains the hit "Let Me Fly With You Away" as well as a bonus track: "Just Come and Stay With Me". The songs in different compilations are released in countries like Canada, Venezuela and others. The both songs as well as all following releases were written by Yana, implying on her successful growth into songwriter and composer. The other CD Single including hit "How Can I Forget?" had become even greater success resulting in expanding releases in various countries such as Indonesia, Rumania, Russia and Czech Republic. The single has also contained a reggae hit "Baby Girl" performed by Yana Kay with her partner FORS. The duet of Yana Kay and FORS was the separate project, which in fact became extremely popular in Russia. The "Baby Girl" became number one international hit on major Russian radio stations and FORS with Yana Kay were invited to receive prize as international stars at the annual "Smashing Hit FM Award" where participated such mega stars as Sash! and Tarkan. The event was followed by hard rotation of the "Baby Girl" video on MTV Russia as well as the one-hour live interview on MTV Russia. (1999) the next CD Single of Yana Kay - "I Wanna B" contributes further to her recognition as a songwriter, composer and the performer on the international level. The single gets into compilation in China, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Rumania, Russia, Hong Kong and Mexico. Yana Kay has been performing together with the leader of European dance music DJ Bobo during his world tour "Magic". During the visit of the legend group "Boney M" in Baltic States they performed together with Yana Kay. (2000) Yana Kay participated in the national final for the "Eurovision Song Contest 2000" where out of 10 songs reaching the final, 3 songs were written, composed and performed by Yana. The solo album of Yana Kay "Loveland" has been released in spring of year 2000. The album allowed her to spread further to new countries and the most smashing event was introduction of Yana Kay art in Indonesia, the country, 200 times bigger than Yana's homeland. (2001) From the beginning of the year Yana starts working on the new English album and at the same time makes experimental song in Russian. Beyond all expectation, the absolute smashing single "Prikosnis" ("Touch me", in Russian) was born. Once heard by anyone the song is making turn-around, breaking all standards and moving to completely new generation hit. "Prikosnis" wins all the dance floors in Baltics and during amazingly long time was at the top of all major radio stations. The success was so obviously big, that people started saying that this could not be repeated again, but ... they were wrong!!! In September of the same year took off the second smash hit "Vspominay menja" ("Remember me", in Russian), which was the anthem of summer 2001. (2002) is a year of long tour around the country and release of the Russian album "Vsjo po-drugomu" that by all mass media groups referred as the most powerful and unique album that includes electronic music experiments based on UK garage and 2 step sound. Such a talented and unordinary piece of creation as EVERITHING's DEFERENTLY or Vsjo po-drugmu in Russian is by all hearts named as the first and at the moment the only one album of the kind on all the east European market where Russian language is in use. Big support and "long life" for the famous Yana's hits is received from the underground music society in Russia who are playing various remixes and thus, the hits continue rocking the main Russian underground dance floors. Yana's video for "Vsjo Po-drugomu" won the best female artist video at the LNT Music Video Awards 2002. As to continue, at the end of 2002 - Yana has presented new single called "Ti i Ya" (You and Me), which is successfully rotating on main radio stations, giving the hope to all the fans for the soon release of the second album in Russian. Yana was offered and agreed to become the new face of the Swedish fashion house "Panos Emporio". (2003) Yana begins the year with active participation in new project F.L.Y., representing Latvia at the 48th international song contest Eurovision 2003. Latvian super-stars trio (Yana Kay, Martin Freiman and Lauris Raynix), became people's favorite, receiving nick name "Dream team" is releasing album under the title "Never look back". Yana successfully combines participation in this project with her solo work and as a result - in April is coming out new single "Tears in the rain", written with co-author American lyricist Thom McGair and this altogether gave a start to writing of new English album, release of which is planned for the beginning of year 2004. For the song "Tears in the rain" was filmed a video, but the song itself at summer have risen to the top positions of all radio stations in the Baltics.

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