Yankie top 20 songs


Yankie biography

Yankie appeared onto the underground Hongdae scene in 1999 and has since received recognition from fellow musicians and industry people for his exceptional talent. Being one of few unparalleled rappers in the Korean hip-hop scene, Yankie quickly amassed an impressive following. He is known for his knack for storytelling and an unrestricted style of rhythm and flow. In 2002, YANKIE and the talented topbob came together to form the group TBNY. The group’s self-produced EP album sold over 3000 copies at their live shows alone and they quickly gained a solid fanbase and respect for their music. Yankie has worked with artists like Dynamicduo, Primary, Epik High and more, showing his wide spectrum of rapping styles. TBNY has stopped performing for the time being as topbob became a member of Twins in 2010. Yankie went on to release a solo album in 2011 and continues to showcase his skills by working with many other musicians.

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