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Yaputhma Sound System, officially abbreviated as YaSoSy (pronounced yah-soh-soo), was founded in November 1995 in Rīga, Latvia and dissolved in the summer of 1997. A motley company of very different-minded participants, the band was founded on the wave of rave explosion in Latvia, when it finally broke through here (10 years after being invented in Detroit and Chicago). The concept of musical circus was applied to dance music, resulting in a unique blend of trance/house/techno/jungle-like improvisations and songs, played completely live, using only guitars, drums, ancient soviet synths, turntables and effects, brass and assorted percussion. It resembled "dance-punk" of today and "space-rock" of 90s; but YaSoSy was always tongue-in-cheek and open to any possible experiments, remaining psychedelic, bizarre, frivolous and simply fun as much as possible. A few recordings from 1995-96 exist, of a very different musical and technical quality. The best tech quality offers studio-recorded "official" album "Rigas Disco" (Riga Disco, Riga = capital of Latvia), which at the same time does not represent YaSoSy from the best side (some tracks are too polished, dully recorded or played). YaSoSy was best experienced live, and the best recordings were made either live in clubs, or "live at the rehearsal basement". Such is the "unofficial" album "Space Trip 2 Yaputhma", which showcases the wild dance floor energy, the lo-fi approach and the eclecticism. www.myspace.com/yaputhma

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