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YAS (Persian: یاس) is an Iranian artist in rap music. For the Electro duo please see "Y.A.S." . Born In 1982 – Tehran, YAS first began to listen to rap music at the age of 16, when his father would return from his business trips in Germany and bring him the latest Tupac CD and other hip hop music. After the sudden and untimely death of his father, YAS was faced with the responsibility of becoming the primary care taker of his household. With his father’s debts mounting and barely being able to make ends meet to live and feed the family, YAS at the age of 18 was forced to leave his college ambitions behind and begin to work and support his entire family (his mother, younger brother and triplet sisters). It was at this time that he began to write poetry which soon turned into text lyrics for his music. It was also his way of staying close to his father’s memory. یاسر بختیاری که با نام هنری «یاس» (متولد ۳۰ خرداد ۱۳۶۱ در تهران) خواننده رپ فارسی است. و از چهره‌های موفق موسیقی رپ فارسی به شمار می‌رود. مضمون بیشتر ترانه‌های یاس انتقاد و اعتراض به مشکلات و بحران‌های اجتماعی نظیر فقر، اعتیاد، بی کاری، جنگ، روسپی‌گری، خودکشی، طلاق و غیره است. یاس نخستین خوانندهٔ رپ فارسی است که ایران برای پخش موسیقی خود مجوز گرفت. اولین ترانهٔ وی که به طور قانونی در ایران منتشر شد یادت نره نام داشت که را به همراه مجید غفوری، خواننده پاپ اجرا کرده بود . Free tracks can be downloaded at www.yasfans.com and www.yastunes.com

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