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Yasser Habeeb (Arabic: ياسر حبيب) is an innovative, enterprising producer and Arabic/Gulf –Oriental crossover singer from the UAE. He started his career in 1992 and was heavily involved in studio production work for a number of local artists but it was in the summer of 2000 when Yasser approached EMI Music Arabia with his Indian influenced mystical song “Elama” that his artistic career really took off. His first album was released by EMI in January 2001 and was an immediate success helped by massive radio airplay, such that on 3rd February 2001, he was presented by EMI Music Arabia with a prestigious Gold Disc for sales of the album just one week after release. The album was self titled and produced with most of the songs composed by the artist himself and with lyrics by popular poets including Abdullah Al Shamisi, Ahmed Hijazi, Tarad and others. The songs – unusually for a Gulf Artist – vary in style, speed and influences, and range from Persian to Indian to Turkish. From then on Yasser was approached by media from throughout the Middle East including Qatar, Bahrain, and Muscat where he toured. After his huge success in the GGC countries, Yasser was invited to Lebanon and Jordan for more exposure and coverage, where he appeared on the TV’s, and was featured in all major publications. By June 2001 the album sales reached Platinum status. Yasser has been approached by EMI’s India office to do a duet with leading singers of India, to break into the markets of the largest Asian subcontinent and also benefit from MTV Asia coverage. The song “Elama” has been included in a number of top selling compilations including the most successful Arabic compilation of all time – NOW Arabia – which has been released worldwide and achieved Platinum status in territories as far flung as Chile. Yasser’s follow up album “Mitghayer” – again self produced – released in April 2002, includes the salsa influenced dance track “ Carnaval Mitghayer” which is the first video clip taken from the album, and the Indian influenced “Khanak Zamanak”.

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