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Yatha Sidhra was a krautrock band from Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. They recorded only one album, "A Meditation Mass", an atmospheric, psychedelic, meditative (as the title suggests) and mostly instrumental musical piece. After several vain attempts in many bands, the brothers Rolf and Klaus Fichter finally found in 1973 their own musical identity. At this time the band original name Brontosaurus changes to Yatha Sidhra, a musical name which is really suitable for the new musical orientation taken by the two musicians. Particularly attentive to ethnic and meditative influences in popular music, they began to work on a long and epic piece titled "A Meditation Mass" (under the influence of the famous Achim Reichel, the virtual member of the band who produces the album in 1974). The first intention was to create a dreamy musical landscape where the Moog synth, the flute and traditional percussive instruments play an important part. Seen as a concept album, "A Meditation Mass" is almost exclusively instrumental. A long suite divided in two themes with two variations for each one. A beautiful and ecstatic musical journey. Their sound oscillates between pastoral folk music, spacey rock with the addition of discreet jazzy accents. Yatha Sidhra dissolved in 1976. At the beginning of the 1980s, the brothers Fichter formed a new band called Dreamworld, playing a more synth-driven music but still meditative.

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