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THE YAWNING SONS STORY... Yawning Sons came about via a collaboration between two instrumental bands from different sides of the Atlantic. Last year, Gary Arce from legendary US desert/psych veterans YAWNING MAN (and Fatso Jetson/Ten East/Dark Tooth Encounter) was invited over to the UK to produce a new album by the instrumental progressive electro stoner riff-rock outfit, SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI. Upon arrival, they started jamming it out in the studio and by day's end they realised they'd tapped into something special. The idea of Arce simply "producing" was scrapped. With both acts heading the musical direction, over the course of a week they wrote and recorded an entire album's worth of material together and came to the conclusion that a whole new entity had been born. It is called Yawning Sons. With sound files subsequently flying back and forth across the ocean there's now been the additional contributions of lap steel from Gary, as well as vocals from Yawning Man veteran Mario Lalli, Scott Reeder and Wendy Rae Fowler. This is truly where the Californian desert heat has met the chilled Kent coast. How to describe Yawning Sons? It's not simply "Yawning Man-meets-Sons Of Alpha Centauri". One listen to the album evokes the sounds and textures of a dozen different outfits. One of the workers in the studio was heard uttering the words, "Cor blimey, this sounds like Dick Dale playing with Can!". I'll second that notion. Or think Syd-period 'Floyd decking the halls with some vintage Meat Puppets. Or... wait 'til it comes out. You'll be surprised. It's gonna be good, and it's not what you expect. - Dave Lang, Lexicon Devil Records

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