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Ycare biography

Ycare Ace, whose real name Assane Attyé, born September 21, 1983 in Dakar (Senegal) is a French singer, former candidate for New Star of the show. Lebanese origin, Senegalese by birth and French by adoption, Ycare a childhood marked by an accident, it is immobilized, learned guitar and started very early to write her own songs. After earning a bachelor's degree, he went to France to continue his studies. It starts at the same time to play his songs in coffee houses in Montpellier. To finish his schooling, he moved to Paris, obtained his MBA and became a trader of raw materials. It included new star cast parallel to, to convince him to listen to his songs to professionals. He finished fourth in the show. In December 2008, Ycare connects two concerts in Dakar 2000 in front of people, a showcase at FNAC Montparnasse (Paris 6th) and a concert at Glaz'art (Paris) sold out. It starts from disposal in Dakar to record a demo in the studio of Youssou N'Dour. Back in Paris, it transmits this model that allows collaborations with 19 (managers Julien Doré, Amel Bent) and Auguri Productions (Turner, among others, M and Vanessa Paradis) A year after his participation in the New Star, Ycare out June 29, 2009 his first album the edge of the world, the Epic label, Jive, where he signed a contract with Sony Music artist. This album is directed by Olivier Lude, the first single is Alison. On June 6, 2011, Ycare released his second album, Black Light, always under the same label.

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