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Band Members Dylan Raasch - Bass and Vocals Ronnie Dudek - Guitar and Vocals Matt Lynott - Drums The Story The first spark of Years Around the Sun (YATS) ignited in 2004 upon the meeting of Dylan Raasch (Bass/Vocals) and Ronnie Dudek (Guitar/Vocals). While attending the party of a mutual friend, Dylan heard the sounds of a Shins' song reverberating through the house, which led him to find Ronnie strumming away on his guitar. As Dylan had long been ready to move away from his then current project (Yovee) to embark on a sound more reminiscent of influential San Diego bands such as Three Mile Pilot, Heavy Vegetable, and Boilermaker, the two began discussing their similar musical influences. Before night end, a demo CD and phone numbers were exchanged. This chance meeting was the very beginning of what would inevitably become Years Around the Sun. Chris Cote (Percussion) soon joined YATS and the band began writing and rehearsing. During 2004, the songs for YATS' first EP, Introstay, were written and recorded. Mia Stefanko (Piano/Keyboards), a classically trained pianist and long time collaborator with Raasch, joined the band during the recording of Introstay. However, during the writing of Inva De Siva, YATS' new album, Chris Cote left the band to pursue other career goals. Upon the completion of Inva De Siva set to debut in February of 2008, the band welcomed a local San Diego percussionist, Evan Caleb Yearsly, to join the trio. Throughout the last three years, Years Around the Sun has built an international fan base, opening for acts such as Angels and Airwaves, Switchfoot, and Pinback. YATS' music has been featured in numerous surf movies, most notably Sipping Jetstreams by the legendary surf movie producer Taylor Steele. YATS' songs have been used by Fuel TV and received airplay on numerous radio stations throughout the country and the world. For two consecutive years, the band has been honored by the San Diego Musical community as nominee for the "Best Alternative Band" at the San Diego Music Awards. Years Around the Sun's latest release, Inva De Siva, was recorded throughout 2007 at Big Fish Studios in San Diego by Ben Moore. Inva De Siva represents a departure from the raw unpolished sounds and structure of Introstay and moves into deeper, more enveloping territory by combining greater instrumentation and electronic elements, conjuring sounds of The Depeche Mode and Radiohead. YATS' music has a prodigious way of seizing multiple instruments that are all seemingly playing a lead role and melding them together into a sonically cohesive melody. Ronnie and Dylan, the two lead vocalists, present the intricate and syncopated rhythms, creating a uniquely advanced dimension echoing a sound that is truly their own. Like the welcoming beacon of a lighthouse to a land-deprived mariner, Inva De Siva brings hope and reprieve but does not allow the listener to forget about the heartache and sorrow foraged by the stormy oceans of life and the indelible losses incurred. Band Website:

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