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Artist short biography: 2000 - 2001: Yehonathan realeases his first album, in Hebrew, in 2000. These were very busy years for Yehonathan, performing all over the country, including 2 children “Festigal”, the Miss Israel beauty pageant, and a support act for Westlife, Melanie C, and the boy-band Five. 2002: Yehonathan moves to Los Angeles, CA, and studies acting in one of LA’s finest schools. 2006: First single from his upcoming album is released –“Calling you” ,a love song for a man. This single is Yehonathan’s coming out to the audience. The video was at the top of charts in the Israeli music channels. 2007: “Hot Summer Night” is released and immediately turns into a grand success in the club scene and the 9th top videos of the LGBTQ community for DNA Magazine, top LGBTQ Magazine in Australia. 2008. Yehonathan plays a part in a TV series called “The Ran Quartet” were he plays the role of Nadav, a gay guy. Along with the new videos and new releases, his new full album will released this year in two editions: Hebrew and English. 2009: The aptly-titled “My Turn” is Yehonathan’s first, full-length English album and EP and debuts in May. His video of “Just Another Summer” receives its worldwide premiere on MTV Logo and reaches no.1 in the music chart. Yehonathan is introduced to America as the cover man and featured interview in Instinct Magazine’s May issue. Albums and singles * "They're Talking About It" (Hebrew: מדברים על זה),‎ 2000 album (Hebrew) * "Calling You" (Hebrew: קורא לך),‎ 2006 single (Hebrew) * "Just Another Summer", (Hebrew: בלילה חם בקיץ),‎ 2007 single (Hebrew) * "Just Another Summer", 2009 single (English), premiered on MTV * "My Turn", 2009 album(English) * "Nifradnu Kach", 2009 single (Hebrew), נפרדנו כך * "Remember When", 2010 album(English) Yehonathan music is available at these online stores: * iTunes (worldwide) * Amazon MP3 * Ebay * CD Baby * Rhapsody * Napster * eMusic * IMVU * Lala * Shockhound * LimeWire Store * Nokia

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