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Yellow Red Sparks are an incredible breath of fresh air. They contradict every aspect of the area's shallow monotony that so many of us have grown numb to. YRS's music matches their attitudes: kind, subtle and thought provoking. No more than three instruments used at once, accompanied by Josh Hansen's melodic voice projecting his dark and riveting lyrics. Songs like "Buy Me Honey," a true folk-love song that will kick you in the stomach and still puts a smile on your face. Yellow Red Sparks put themselves aside to make each song a real delight. It's safe to say they are on their way to mastering the true art of dynamics. The band carries an honesty in their music that is a rare find. It’s amazing to how a stripped down three-piece can hold so much meaning. It’s no wonder heavy-hitters like Sea Wolf have invited Yellow Red Sparks to support them. Although Yellow Red Sparks is based in Orange County, they are no strangers to Los Angeles grounds.

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