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Yendri biography

Yendri is one of the solo projects of Nina Cording (She also has solo projects for Machinespirit and Lillith). Yendri is a darker electronic project that tends to veer into the territories of darkwave, industrial, synthpop, and other genres.Yendri's first album Inhaliere Meine Seele und Stirb was released in 2000 through the Matrix Cube/Trisol Music Group. After releasing several albums through Matrix Cube, Yendri released the album Playdoll through the Mental Ulcer Forges label in 2006. From 2006 until 2010,Yendri released an album yearly through the label, including albums Destination Oblivion and Malfunction. In 2011, Yendri self-released the album Bitter through the Audiomagnet label. Side note: Aside from Yendri's own albums, Yendri has done quite a few remixes for groups such as :Wumpscut:, Wynardtage, Aiboforcen, and a number of other artists.

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