Yersinia top 20 songs


Yersinia biography

1) German black metal band, formed in 2002. 2) Swedish Metalcore band, formed in 2008. (1) German black metal band formed in 2002. Signed to the label Deviant Records. Official website: (2) Yersinia was formed in April 2008 in Uppsala, Sweden. They play modern metalcore with Swedish lyrics. In December 2008 they released their self titled debut EP. The record was produced and engineered by Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah). The four tracks on the EP have been described as ”abysmal and angst-filled pieces of music”. The current band lineup is: Hannes Almén (Bass) Pär Svensson (Drums) Sebastian Sjögren (Guitar) Mattis Erngren (Vocals). The EP can be downloaded for free at their official website:

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