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Yes Boss are Noah (words and beats) and Gavron (electronics, beats and production) – a self contained industry of idea and opinion, writing, recording and producing all their material in house. Noah speaks from experiences and reflects people around him, working with underprivileged kids in Leeds as a youth worker between gigs and putting as much back in as he’ll take out in his lyric. From the controversial "Indie Kids" - the video showing them throwing youths off the top a building - through to remixes of Hot Chip, and close work with other members of the grime community, they touch all bases. Yes Boss cite influences from Kraftwerk to Otis Redding, via Jay-Z and "going down the arcades". Yes Boss have also played on tour with the likes of Sway, Plan B, The Sunshine Underground and ¡Forward, Russia! and headline their own UK album tour supported by Marvin The Martian. Yes Boss share their name with a popular Bollywood movie made in 1997. Related Links: Official MySpace

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