Yes-r top 20 songs


Yes-r biography

Yes-R (Yesser Roshdy, 1986) is a Dutch MC who was born in Amsterdam-Oost who is known by his swinging flow. Inspired by his older nephew Ali B he decided on the age of 13 that he wanted to be a rapper. He was a part of the Dutch HipHop group `ongerept`(untouched) for two years. After he left ongerept he decided to start a career as single artist. In 2003 he met Lange Frans of D-men Entertainment. Lange Frans was impressed by Yes-R´s flow and he recorded a few songs with him. In 2004 he won the Grand Prix of the netherlands, a famous talent hunt in the Netherlands. His break trough came when he recorded the song `leipe mocro flavour´ with Ali B. In 2005 his debut-album `mijn pad`(my path) came out. In 2006 he maked his acting debut in the dutch movie `´n beetje verliefd`(a little bit in love)

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