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Yeshe biography

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Yeshe is a world nomad having lived in over 20 countries and embedding himself in their music and culture. His first solo album is titled World CitiZen. Born in West Germany, Yeshe was passionately interested in other cultures, especially Africa, from early childhood. As a young teenager Yeshe became involved in the flourishing 70s African music scene and by the age of 14 Yeshe was performing with a variety of percussion ensembles. A few years later, Yeshe began spending his winters in different West African countries furthering his musical studies and touring extensively through Europe. He left Europe in the mid 80s, based in Tokyo for 5 years, performing and studying aroung Asia. From the early 90s Yeshe has been based in Australia, playing and touring with numerous bands there and internationally. Currently Yeshe works and tours with Harry Manx, U.S. based Afro Funk band Panjea and Didgeridoo virtuoso Ganga Giri (Real World recording artist) as well as building his own solo career. He has played at so many festivals he has long since lost count, favourites include Glastonbury (England), Sziget (Hungary) and Woodford (Australia). Yeshe continues to teach dynamic percussion workshops to share his love of the music that is such a big part of his life and through his own studies in Africa became involved in establishing cultural centres in Ghana and Zimbabwe to which he took westerners to study African drumming, dance and culture. Yeshe has been recorded on 20 or more different albums with as many different artists around the world. His own solo career as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist blossomed in 2000 and in 2003 he finally released his first solo EP Offspring co-produced by Harry Manx. In late 2004 he released his first solo CD World Citizen with Canadian label Dog my Cat Records and became a finalist in the Australian Dolphin Music Awards in the New Recording Artist category.

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