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La’Soyeth Tharisho was born a human at the tail end of the 70’s. For roughly 3 decades, Yeth studied life in London, England until recently, when a more rural home was found in the suburbs of Kent. Before this, during the fall of 1997, Yeth became intrigued by the sonic results of two spinning devices known globally as ‘turntables’. Experimentations took place for 4 years leading up to Yeth’s submission into a competition of trickery involved with the two machines. However, after failing to qualify at the semi-final stage of the DMC tournament, the two machines were bartered together in exchange for yet another rather peculiar machine known simply as a ‘Sampler’ with the words “AKAI 2000” engraved on its brow. Yeth eventually attended university for “BA Sound Design” study with other young humans after finding a soiled leaflet in a puddle; it would teach La’Soyeth how to use the new machine better. Yeth has never looked back since discovering the machine, and has set long-term plans to display to the world as many of the richest creations that can be produced with it and other machines as possible.

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