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Yip Yip Coyote “FIFI” 1985 (Illegal Rec.)Yip Yip Coyote were part of the early 80′s “cow-punk” eruption. Explosion would be overstatement — the movement more or less fizzled as “new wave” died and what’s commonly called “alternative” these days emerged with its harder edged, less-produced sound. In the UK this minor movement itself was more an offshoot of the new “glam” and “fashion” rock style epitomized by Culture Club, Hayzi Fantayzi and Wide Boy Awake among others. Yip Yip Coyote never had a genuine US release of their own save an appearance on the soundtrack for BACHELOR PARTY, but their first LP and singles DID appear in the UK on Illegal Records and I.R.S. The line-up consisted of two constants: Fifi Coyote on Vocals and Carl Evans (ex-Chefs) on Guitar. Other “regulars” were Eg White on Bass and Volker VonHoff on Drums. This line-up was fleshed out by occasional inputs by Carrie Booth (Keyboards), Harry Pitch (Harmonica) and “Luis” (Percussion)… The UK records are nicely packaged (photos and design work by Nic Cole, Miss Moss, Fifi Coyote herself and others). The cuts on the UK LP were produced by a veritable who’s who of 80′s music producers: Anne Dudley (Art Of Noise), Tony Mansfield, the mysterious Jesse James and David Ruffy… It is unfortunate there was never a US release of this material, as the highly danceable rhythms and infectious melodies may have helped prolong the “cow punk” movement on this side of the Atlantic.Yip Yip Coyote are: Carl Evans – guitar, backing vocals; Fifi – vocals; Volker Vonhoff – drums; Eg White – drums.

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