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Ylem biography

YLEM: Primordial substance from which all matter was formed. YLEM is a producer and DJ who creates as part of the music/art collective The Community, which has contributed to underground culture in Perth by providing a platform for local talent. YLEM’s experimental production reflects his taste for the emerging future beat sub-genres. The eclectic array of hypnotic beats he produces span dubstep/future/psyche/trip-hip-hop creating new auditory spaces. Noticing a lack of opportunities for local Dubstep DJs and producers, YLEM created WattHz in 2008, becoming the promoter of the first dedicated monthly night in Perth. This new direction for YLEM followed time spent playing in bands, producing hip hop beats for local MC’s and listening to DnB, elements of which continue to flavour his music. YLEM has supported big names in Dubstep including Reso, Excision, Plastician, Joker, Pinch and Kryptic Minds. YLEMs’ sound is a continuously evolving musical expression with its depths in that primordial substance from which matter was formed. You can catch him presenting Bass Check on RTRFM 92.1 on Tuesday nights.

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