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In one hand education it just have become the tool to brain wash and slave people by the millions. The reality of education and promises of better life and sicial atandard it is nothing but the return to the times when Africans were brought to merica as slaves. The slave live just to eat enough and live because the lord need their hands for labor. What is the difference now? people are abandon without sociales of world history. In the other hand war has become the technique of abusing small countries to steal their wealth by the powerful. Ynka Nan have decided that we are impotent to stop these abuses because many people by fear have chosen to be blind. Ynka Nan thinks that music, in special music of the natives have the power to heal those in need or in search of the healing power from nature; the wisdom of the ancients. In our songs always is the strength and peace to live and find what we all are looking for; a peaceful place in the world. By Doctor Miguel Lema All songs recorded only by Ynka Nan. Cheeway. This is an apoque of dificult times for humans. We live blind and unaware of the pilitics of the world, in special from the leading countries.

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