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There are more than one bands called Joseph. 1. Classic Stoner (heavy fuzz) blues rock! The 'Joseph' was in fact Joseph Long or Joseph Longeria, discovered by the album's producer and A & R man Steve Tyrell playing in Houston in a battle of the blues competition. This is the only known foray into recording that Longeria made and he was a superb guitar player to boot. Stoned Age Man contains some of weirdest lyrics ever written. Check out 'I Ain't Fattenin' No More Frogs for Snakes' and the eastern 'Cold Biscuits and Fish Heads.' 2. Joseph from York bring a stripped down, dirty sounding hardcore, ditching technical riffing for a more straightforward groove not unlike bands like Kyuss or even Led Zeppelin. ferocious live shows combined with heavy-as-fuck riffs appeal to metal fans tired of tight-jean poesy-core. Sexy hardcore for bearded men and women. ‘I don't think there is a British band to match them.’ -Tom Lacey Tips for 2008 Rocksound. 3. Joseph are Natalie, Allison, and Meegan, a three piece folk-pop band from Portland, OR, USA.

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