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There are at least four acts with the name Yoke: 1. Yoke are an Australian downtempo rnb/pop group from Sydney, New South Wales. The band is fronted by Kyle Linahan, who was formerly known by the moniker Kyle and was pushed as a teen pop star in the mid-2000s. He later became a television personality through work on programs such as Sarvo and Channel V. Yoke was formed in 2012, not long after Linahan's departure from Channel V. He is joined by guitarist Julian Boswell and keyboardist Corin Illeto. The group's debut EP, Jabiluka, was released independently on September 11, 2014. 2. Yoke is a New York-based Siberian Salsa Swing band formed in 1997, when artist/painter and songwriter Ilias Muratov together with a Music College graduate and bass player, Leo Zanis, decided to form a music group. The group was formed with the intention of Ilias to sing in Russian, as well as the music incorporating swing and Latin touches, along with modern pop and rock. The duo performed in small clubs and cafes in the lower Manhattan area before recording their debut album. In the studio, they were joined by a percussionist, Ernest Brown, and arranger/guitarist Ilan Frid. Yoke's first self-titled album was released in March 1999. (via yoke.tv) 3. Yoke was the inaugural moniker of the artist later to become known as Slow Dispenser, Dust vs Stars, and finally Scissors for Sparrow. Yoke recorded one album, Sofa (1999), and a short EP called Hula Hoop released later the same year. Stylistically, Yoke traversed a number of genres, incorporating rudimentary processing experiments with off-beat pop, quirky electronica, guitar rock and bizarre ballads. 4. YOKE was the original moniker for the psych-rock project of Michigan-based musician Andrew Tamlyn. He has since changed the project's name to Amish Bread. http://yoke.bandcamp.com/

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