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Yolanda biography

There are at least two recording artists with this name: (1) Yolanda is a Neo-Soul songstress who was born Yolanda Johnson in New York, and now resides in L.A, according to her Myspace page. If you were a viewer of BET Jazz's "Soul Sessions" video show, you became familiar with the groove of Yolanda's "Individual" -- which was used in the opening animation. Yolanda comes from a soulful family, decades ago, her father and cousins all had recording careers. The photos on the site are not accurate. If you google "Yolanda Johnson," you can find images as well as You Tube concert footage. (2) Yolanda was a 1960s British girl singer who recorded with legendary producer Joe Meek (3) Yolanda is singer Yolanda Quartey.

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