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Yolanda Johnson is an R&B/singer-songwriter, Named BETJ's Soul Session "Breakthrough Artist of Year". Yolanda released her first EP "Sweet Yesterday" in 2002. In 2006, She returned to released her sophomore EP "Violet Flower", which featured the singles "Individual", "Get 2 Know You", and "Fly...Shine". Recording Sweet Yesterday In 2002, Yolanda step on the scene with her first release, Sweet Yesterday. The self-titled track, Sweet Yesterday, was chosen to the lead single for the EP. The final song of the EP was "Leo Jones". The song was dedicated to Leo Jones, who lost his life because of a genicide accident, having to do with accusal of shooting a police officer. Violet Flower In 2006, Yolanda introduced her sophomore EP, Violet Flower. Yolanda explained the title, "I found out that my name, Yolanda, means violet flower". The lead single "Individual" created a buzz from many radio stations and music video shows. Soon after the release of Individual, Yolanda was named BETJ's Soul Session "Breakthrough Artist of Year". In late 2006, Yolanda released the second single, entitled "Get 2 Know U". The soft ballad was a success that brought more sales to the EP and single. The third single "Fly...Shine" was not successful as the previous two singles but was another sweet track. In 2007, Meta Music released a compilation album called "Soul Sicle", which features the label's artists. The album featured Yolanda's single "Intervention" and "Individual (Aaron Carol Mix)". New Projects Later after the release of the compilation album, Intervention released as the lead single of Soul Sicle and a buzz single for her upcoming album "Breathing". Yolanda says about Breathing, "The title of the album comes from so many places. When I released Violet Flower, I was really holding my breath, hoping that people liked what I had to offer. Luckily and graciously, new fans are drawn to my message everyday and now I can finally breathe a litte easier. The theme of the album is also inspired from the overwhelming nature of love. On the one hand, love can make you feel so high and so full of life that you can hardly breathe, like that feeling when someone just sweeps you right off your feet and takes your breath away. On the other hand, love can be so tough that it literally takes your breath away and you find unable to breathe at all." The album has been pushed back to be released in October 2008. Style Music and Voice Yolanda is inspired by Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Donnie Hathaway. Her music is consider R&B with styles of jazz, hip-hop, soul, and neo soul and has been described as uplifting, enpowering, and inspirational. Her voice is consider soft and sensual. Songwriting She is known for writing soulful and jazz influenced music. Yolanda stated "I just try to be real and honest as I possibly can with what I am saying because people know when you are trying to be something that you are not... and I never want to be that kind of writer". Awards BETJ Award 2007: "Breakthrough Artist of the Year" - Individual (Won) Discography Albums 2008: Breathing EPs 2002: Sweet Yesterday 2006: Violet Flower Singles 2002: Sweet Yesterday 2006: Individual 2006: Get To Know You 2007: Fly...Shine 2007: Intervention 2008: TBA

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