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Yolandita Monge (born September 16, 1955) is an international singer and actress from Puerto Rico. Monge started out by winning a radio contest in 1966 (at the age of eleven). In 1968, she signed with record label Patty Records, which released her first album, named Puerto Rico's Poignant...Powerful...Incomparable: Yolandita Monge. She followed up with some other hits in Puerto Rico, but she moved to Mexico, where she signed with TECA records company and had hits such as Vete de Aqui (Get out Of Here), Por qué Papá? (Why, Dad?) and La Voz Del Silencio (The Voice of Silence). 1975 was a big year for Monge, she released "Cierra Los Ojos" (Close Your Eyes), which earned her wild fame in such South American countries as Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Santo Domingo, and Argentina. Yolandita declared as an international star.

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