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Young Blaze (born Michael Enriquez) was born on February 18, 1989 in New York. Michael has been in the beats business since the year 2005 since his uncle had introduced him to hip-hop music and the form of beats. In early 2006 rapper Juelz Santana had made a demo off of his beat which was recorded and sent back to him the following month. Young Blaze has produced for several underground acts such as Ace, rising Nashville Tennessee Star B.Howard, a freestyle from The Diplomats very own Juelz Santana, Bronx underground artists Reason & Nu-way. Upcoming projects include; Compton's very own underground artist Wing, South Bronx artist Sosa, Time iz Money Fam, Reason & Nu-Way, Team Supreme's Big Son (A.N.W*Team Arliss*) and supply & demand entertainment's independent artist Earl st. Producing since March 2005 Young Blaze already received a thumbs up from platinum producers and major influence The Heatmakerz (producers of such artists as The Diplomats, Lil' Wayne, M.O.P, Papoose, and many more outstanding acts) after receiving a positive review on In March 2007 a determined Young Blaze formed Swagger Entertainment L.L.C. a production company consisting of fellow producer B.Klarity, Head of A&R and Vice President of Marketing GQ, Senior President of Marketing and soon to become producer Rich A.K.A Batman, Profile Recording artist Sosa, and Sean Buxx.

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