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Ytre Rymden Dansskola are a Nordic duo are comprised of both Marius Våreid and Jarle Bråthen, who have both forged strong relationships with Full Pupp label boss Prins Thomas. Both of the group's earlier singles came out on the imprint, and they've also had their respective solo releases issued by the label, so when it came to their album, it seemed like the logical home to place it. Although the name of their outfit may seem pretty unpronouncable, it actually translates to "Outer Space Dance School," which is a good indicator of what you can expect from the record. Drifting cosmic synth motifs may be scattered throughout the eleven tracks, but this definitely isn't a stereotypical nu-disco record. The slo-mo schaffel of opener "1001 Natt" and the spaced-out dub reggae of "Over Og Ut" stand out as idiosyncratic highlights, but there's still plenty of synthetic boogie grooves to keep the disco heads happy. source:

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