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Yulduz Usmonova (aka Yulduz Usmanova & Usmanova - born Yulduz O‘rayimoxunovna Usmonova, 12 Dec 1963 in Margilan, Uzbekistan), is a very popular singer, in Uzbekistan. She sings in Uzbek & Persian. Her parents worked at a silk factory. She studied music at the pedagogical institute in Margilan. She was discovered by Gavharxonim Rahimova, after singing at a Women’s Day show. Gavharxonim helped open many doors for her. After being introduced to professors from the Uzbekistan State Conservatory, she prepared under their guidance & was admitted. She studied voice & became popular after Uzbek independence, in 1991. As Uzbekistan’s most popular singer, she regularly appears in concert & has released several albums. She also has controversial ties to the Uzbek government. Usmonova composed the national anthem and served in the parliament.

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