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Yvette Horner, born 22 September 1922 in Tarbes, is French accordionist. Horner studied music at the Conservatory of Tarbes and Toulouse Conservatoire where, aged 11, she won a 1st prize for piano. Her mother forced her to change the instrument to the accordion, saying "there are none accordionist women and there you'll get a situation." Young Yvette begins to perform in casinos and continues her education in Paris where she studied with Robert Breard. In 1948 Horner won the World Cup of the accordion. In 1950 she received the Grand Prix du Disque from the Académie Charles Cros for "Secret Garden of Yvette Horner". In 1952, Calor, which sponsors the Tour de France, offers to accompany the race. She plays on a podium at the finish of each stage. Wearing a sombrero and perched on the roof of a Citroën Traction Avant in the colors of the brand Suze, it reiterates the following years, a total of twelve accompanying Tours de France (from 1952 to 1963). She is also queen of the Six Days . In 2009, she participated in "La Plus Grande Guinguette" tour. The discography of Yvette Horner includes 150 disks. Overall sales reach 30 million copies.

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