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Z-cat biography

Real Name: Yana Kramich Style: Psychedelic Twisted Yana was born in Moscow (30 November 1984). For Yana, her psytrance journey began in 2003 when she became acquainted with Vishnevskiy Maxim (G-Light). One day, Maxim suggested to her to use her vocals in one of his tracks. During this work, her first track was created "i've just been born" and has been released on the Israeli label, Doof Records. Further producing has been directed towards preparing the material for an album with G-Light. After, she engaged in writing music for her own solo project with the new concept of combining dark rhythms and a thin vocal. Since 2005 till 2007 she was the resident of one of the biggest russian promotion group - Synthetic Dreams. And even has written a special named track in honour of this company. In autumn 2007 she joined one of leading russian promotion group of Moscow T.L.N Promotion. She played at numerous capital clubs, open air's and festivals around Russia and worldwide as well. During her act, Z-Cat uses light & laser performances! This was taken from her Myspace page.

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