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Z-listers biography

Most often found indulging in their audio software addiction in the dark depths of their Brighton studio, Z-Listers (aka Adam Bambrough and Rob Kinetic) are a UK based Duo with a tough electronic sound. After turning their hands to all things dirty and electro in 2007 and adopting their Z-Listers guise, the boys didn't taken long to catch the attention of labels across the globe, with dozens of tracks & remixes soon signed to labels including Hardplace, Portamento, Mizumo, Plasmapool, Erase, Future Perfect, Trickery Collective, Circuit Freq, Cubic & Shiva Records. Z-Listers Remix discography includes mixes for artists such as Circuit Freq, Jan Van Lier, Tony Thomas, Nino Anthony, Pro7 & Julien-K with the boys in great company alongside Deadmau5 in providing mixes of Matt Rock 'What U Feel'. The Z-Listers remix of LA electro-rockers Julien K's 'Kick the Bass' reached no 24 in the US Billboard charts and 2010 saw UK artist Tinie tempah opening his tour dates with a Z-Listers track called Love resurrection. DJ supporters pulling Z-Tunes from their record boxes include Elite Force, Fatboy Slim, Will Bailey, Butter Party and the Propellerheads Will White, and Z-Listers have been featured on Radio 1 by DJs Jaymo & Andy George 'in their In New DJs we trust' show.

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