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Z-star biography

To be at a Z-STAR concert is a liberating experience; dangerous, seductive, edgy and profound. The brainchild of UK singer-songwriter Zee Gachette, the Z-STAR sound, unfolds like a decadent roadtrip through a rocksoul landscape pf explosive originals, sassy improv mash-ups and future dancefloor classics. Z-STAR live shows are quite simply, unforgettable. Zee's presence onstage ignites the audience with an energy that is infectious. She can be still as a slow burning candle or as wild as a Molotov. The deep raspy blue tones of this Trinidadian troubadour, flow effortlessly through self-penned evergreens, vivid and beautifully expressed within a dynamic emotive sound. From the first strum of her acoustic guitar to the last note she sings, you get the feeling that you’ve just experienced something very special. Born in East-London to Trinidadian parents, her passion for music is a family affair. Her uncles Michael Timothy and Steve Nichol (Loose Ends) are both top UK musicians. Zee’s father was a bass musician and her late mother ‘Schultzi’ bought her first piano and taught her the ropes. However it is her grandfather Al Timothy who wrote the hit single “Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me” for Shirley Bassey whom Zee has most in common with…a flamboyant talent for theatrics and improvisation. Zee’s first three albums, Voodoo Dragon Risin (VDR Records), Who Loves Lives (EMI) and Masochists & Martyrs (Muthastar) were released to great acclaim. Over the years her music has been championed by global Radio Stations; UK BBC Radio 1, LA’s KCRW, Radio Nova in Paris and Radio DJ Italy. She has recorded, supported and performed with artists…Nigel Kennedy, Terry Callier, Max Sedgely, Los Chicharrons, Bluey Maunick, Natacha Atlas, Omar, George Benson, Ciccio Merolla, Gabin, Keziah Jones, Nigel Kennedy, Richie Havens, and Roachford, performing at venues such as Royal Albert Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Jazz Café, Ronnie Scots, Ruskilde, Womad, Glastonbury, Festival Bar, Mtv Live, Vagina Monologues, Temple Bar LA. Influences: Meshell Ndegeocello, Miles Davis, Joan Armatrading, Bob Marley, Lauren Hill, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Keziah Jones, Johnny Cash, The Doors, Shuggie Ottis, Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Alice Coltrane, Chris Pierce, Cat Stevens, Terry Callier, 4 Hero, Zero 7, Massive Attack, Thomas Dybdal, Shadow, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaugh, Belo Velosa.

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