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Zaa biography

The band has started working in the end of February in 2008. The music is stylistically very diverse, based on ska roots, with various influences from jazz to punk sounds. From the very beginning the band started with very intensive concert activities at clubs and on festivals, from which can be noteworthy: -Babel Sound Camp festival on the lake of Balaton in Hungary -Gigs in clubs Jazz it in Salzburg and Cross club in Prague -Demofest in Banjaluka in 2010., as the opening ack for the british group Stereo MC’s -EXIT festival, three years in a row 2008-2011 -Reggae Serbia festival, Trenchtown festival ... But one performance stands out as more important than the others. It’s Nektar Demofest in Banjaluka, the most important competitive festival in the area of ex-YU for bands that do not have an official edition. There was more than three thousand groups registered to contest in 2009, and band ZAA won the third prize. The second competitive festival on which the band has played is the Spanish Rototom. In the contest for the best European reggae band in 2011, in competition of bands from Eastern Europe, ZAA was chosen for one of three finalists. ZAA has published it’s first album on January 13. 2010, as an online edition that can be downloaded from the site The second album “Good things” was published in the middle of the May in 2011. and can be also downloaded from the official site of the band.

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