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Zaar biography

Zaar rose from the ashes of Sotos which is another RIO/Avant band. Two Sotos members, guitarist Yan Hazera and drummer Michael Hazera, wished to continue composing music in the same vein as that of their previous band. To accomplish this they invited the two musicians, Pairbon and Cosia from the Familha Artus band and together they formed Zaar in June 2004. Their musical influences can be traced in different sources. In their first album one can hear RIO, chamber rock, eastern ethnic sounds (portrayed by the violin), Zeuhl characteristics, some jazzy moments and improvisational elements. Their sound is very dynamic, experimental, rich and intricate and it contains some crazy and thrilling musicianship (especially with the hurdy gurdy) as can be expected from a band of this genre. This is a band filled with potential that will undoubtedly produce more excellent albums such as their 2006 "Zaar". While they do bear a resemblance to Sotos, Zaar have moved away in their sound from their previous incarnation. A must hear for all fans of aforementioned bands and all those who appreciate originality and experimentalism. They released their self titled album in January 2006 via Cuneiform records.

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