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Zangeres Zonder Naam biography

Zangeres Zonder Naam (transl. Singer Without Name) was born as Mary Servaes in Leiden, The Netherlands on 5 Augustus 1919 and died on 23 October 1998 was a Dutch singer who recorded more than 500 songs. In the late 1950's she came to the attention of Dutch record-producer and songwriter Johnny Hoes. Her first single, "Ach Vaderlief, Toe Drink Niet Meer" (Dear Father, Please Stop Drinking) came out in 1959. Hoes wrote the bulk of her songs, until their split in 1975. After this split she had only moderate succes. Still she sustained a dedicated -and typical- following of both working-class and highbrow audiences. 1986 saw her comeback with a (now legendary) concert at the Paradiso, Amsterdam. The live version of the song Mexico from this concert became her best known hit to date. A DVD of this concert was released together with a 5-CD overview of her career as the box-set "Mijn Leven" (My Life) in 2004 through Universal. She had 29 top 40 hits in Holland between 1959 and 1993.

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