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The band debuted in 2006 with shows in Europe, Canada and the United States during May and June (the tour was also known as Zappa Plays Zappa - Tour de Frank'). The shows presented a collection of Frank Zappa's rock-oriented compositions from 1960s to 1980s. Apart from Dweezil Zappa on lead guitar, the band consisted of a mix of relatively unknown young musicians and older musicians who previously played with Frank Zappa. Among those, Napoleon Murphy Brock (sax, flute and vocals) was an integral part of the band, while drummer (and singer) Terry Bozzio and electric guitarist Steve Vai performed as guests in parts of the shows. At several shows Frank Zappa himself performed a song posthumously via synchronized audio/video technology, notedly solos in Chunga's Revenge. After a break, the band played again in the US during the Fall of 2006, including a show in New York on October 31. This revived Frank Zappa's tradition of playing Halloween shows in New York. A DVD documenting the 2006 tour is planned for release in 2007.[1] In July and August 2007, the band plays a North American tour, with a core line up similar to that of the 2006 band. The band will thereafter play in Europe during September and October, before returning to the US, starting with another Halloween show in New York. They will end the 2007 tour in Australia in early December.[2] Special guest on the tour is vocalist and guitarist Ray White.[3] Players 2007/2008 tour Dweezil Zappa Guitar Guitarist Dweezil Zappa has cocooned himself away in the studio this past year engineering his own metamorphosis. "In order for me to play my father's music correctly I needed to understand the fundamentals of his music more thoroughly, which meant a lot of studying." His goal was to emerge as a "better musician" as well as a "better guitarist." The autodidactic Zappa utilized the fruits of his labor to startling effect on his first album project in more than six years - Go With What You Know - featuring a unique guitar rendition of the elder Zappa's classic instrumental, Peaches En Regalia. "I actually played along with Frank's guitar solo from the original 'Hot Rats' master tapes. He had dedicated that album to me since he was working on that around the time I was born. It's cool to hear us playing together note for note in a stereo time machine." The album will be independently released to coincide with the "Zappa Plays Zappa" European tour which hits the road this May. This is the first official live concert event of Frank Zappa's Music since his untimely passing in 1993. Joining Dweezil on stage will be a hand-picked band of new, young musicians. Dweezil has recorded under his own name and with his brother, Ahmet, in their band Z. Six-string heroics aside, Dweezil has nurtured a successful television career, starting early on as an MTV veejay when he was only 17. He has appeared in films (Pretty in Pink, The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger) and composed the music for several television shows including the Ben Stiller Show and the hit WB comedy, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. In addition to cauterizing his fingertips learning to play the music of Frank Zappa for the upcoming tour, and lending his studio wizardry to the Zappa archives (his multi-channel production work on the recent Frank Zappa release, QuAUDIOPHILIAc, is positively mind-blowing), Dweezil has this to say about his upcoming album,"To me the record is like a weird audio movie. I really tried to create an interesting flow with it." And the tour rehearsals, "Prepping for the tour has been like preparing for a medieval battle where going into it your sharpest weapon is a spoon. But I'm pretty deadly with that spoon now." Aaron Arntz Keyboards & Trumpet Aaron Arntz is a musical mad scientist, with the pointy beard to prove it. He owes as much of his musical abilities and proclivities to his love of Calculus as he does to twenty-plus years of dedicated cultivation. In 2003, Arntz earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Southern California, where he studied jazz piano under like-minded maniacs, such as Alan Pasqua and Bill Cunliffe. He also gleaned a thing or two about composition under Donald Crockett. Over the last six years, many L.A. rock bands (Troika, B.R.A.M., The Red Elvises, Telepathy, and Ascendant) have served as suitable laboratories for Arntz’s sonic experiments, enabling him to showcase his unique talents across the nation. Scheila Gonzalez Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards & Vocals Scheila Gonzalez was born in Los Angeles, California on August 5th, 1971. Her mother first enrolled her in piano lessons at the age of four. At the age of twelve she fell in love with the saxophone and she has never looked back. This versatile artist and educator can be heard on numerous recordings and in a variety of musical settings. Scheila has toured throughout Europe and Japan and extensively in the United States. She has had the opportunity to perform in prestigious venues such as Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, Walt Disney Hall and the Kodak Theater. Over the years Scheila has performed with Lionel Hampton, Diane Schuur, Joe Williams, Nancy Wilson, Alex Acuna, Billy Davis, Marylin McCoo, Ray Parker Jr. and Billy Preston to name a few. Some of her television appearances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno backing up country music artist Garth Brooks and more recently the BET Music Awards with Sheila E. supporting Best Hip-Hop Artist Nominee T.I. She will soon be seen in the new Christopher Guest film "For Your Consideration" scheduled for release this Fall. Scheila is an exceptional performer who embraces opportunities to play in diverse musical situations. Scheila's skills on woodwinds, keyboards and vocals keep her in demand. She thrives on the challenge and her passion for life is felt in every note she plays. Regardless of what style or instrument she's playing, every phrase is soulful and she performs with the ease of a true professional. She approaches all of her musical endeavors with great joy and if you ask her you will find that Scheila feels extremely blessed to get to do what she does. Pete Griffin Bass Griffin grew up outside of New York and has been playing music since he was young. He began on the trumpet during elementary school, but it wasn't until he received his first bass in the seventh grade that his passion was fully ignited. Soon he was playing with his high school's jazz band, and then eventually his local All-County and All-State jazz bands. Unfortunately, tragedy would compel Griffin to make music his life's calling. In 1996, Griffin's friend and teacher, Dan Binggeli, died at the age of nineteen. For a time, Pete's only comfort was in playing music. Soon, Griffin was asked to join Uncle Funkle, Binggeli's band, and he decided to seize the chance for a life in music Binggeli never had. To help guide his new found sense of direction, Griffin chose to further study his craft. He was accepted to Northwestern University's well-known School of Music outside of Chicago. There he was deeply immersed in the study of jazz and classical, while also taking lessons under Steve Rodby of the influential jazz outfit The Pat Metheny Group. From him, Griffin learned to concentrate on playing less notes and making them count more. Graduating in 2001 with a B.A. in Music, Griffin immediately moved to Los Angeles. Eventually, he began to work at the Musician's Institute as a teacher's assistant, as well as attending every audition he heard about. After playing a few shows with Save Ferris's Monique Powell, Griffin began to play bass for Hanson in 2003, touring the US and Asia in 2004 and appearing on several TV shows including The Tonight Show, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. In 2005 Pete played on Hanson's live album "Live and Electric," in addition to playing a few shows with the Edgar Winter Band. In early 2006 Pete was picked to play for the Zappa Plays Zappa tour with Dweezil Zappa, Steve Vai and others. Billy Hulting Marimba, Mallets & Percussion Billy was born with non-violent inclinations. He was also born with an extreme desire to hit things. He did, at an early age, find some common ground in this dichotomy in the world of percussion. After eleven years, the tolerating Mr. and Mrs. Hulting agreed to let him start with the drums. Music led him to college at California State University at Northridge where he got a Bachelor of Music Degree in the Studio Music Option (so what if it took six years). Two weeks after graduation he went on the road with Maynard Ferguson’s High Voltage 2. He later toured with Maynard’s 60th Birthday Big Band and recorded albums with both groups. During the Maynard days he did the Nia Peeples tour of Japan. He then toured for two years with Natalie Cole followed by Barry Manilow. Billy had been touring for over thirteen years with Lou Rawls until he passed away recently. In the last few years Billy also toured with The Rippingtons, Patti Labelle, and The Manhattan Transfer. Billy also co-wrote one of the songs on their CD "Vibrate." He is now touring with Zappa Plays Zappa - a band led by Dweezil Zappa performing the music of Frank Zappa. Several years ago Billy released his first CD - The Hundredth Monkey on the Truemedia label. He has worked with many others including Clare Fisher, Luci Arnaz, and Howard Hewitt. Billy also stays busy in town doing shows, sessions, playing with his trio and his fusion group. His hobbys include sailing, SCUBA diving, skating in-line marathons, and cooking spicy vegan foods from all over the world (his Jamaican Jerk Marinade is not for the weak). Jamie Kime Guitar A native of San Diego, CA., guitarist Jamie Kime attended the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA., studied improv privately with Peter Sprague and harmony with Ted Greene, and has performed, recorded, and/or toured with Jewel, Michelle Branch, and legendary Austin, Texas-based blues/soul vocalist Malford Milligan in The Boneshakers, and many other amazing artists that, according to Jamie, “you’ve probably never heard of”. When he’s home in Los Angeles, he hosts a weekly Monday night gig at the world famous Baked Potato. On his gig with ZPZ, Jamie says, “Upon being asked by Dweezil to be a part of the band, I knew it would be equal parts challenging and rewarding. But, I had no idea how much of a junkie I would become for this music. I’m now constantly searching Frank’s vast catalog for new songs to learn in addition to periodically revisiting the songs we’ve been playing for months now, every time discovering new things I hadn’t heard before. Every musician should take some time to immerse themselves in the music of Frank Zappa - you’ll be hooked for life, and be a better player for it!” Joe Travers Drums & Vocals From Erie, PA. Schooled at The Berklee College Of Music from 1988-1992. Drummer for numerous live outfits over the years including but not limited to Z (Ahmet & Dweezil Zappa), Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Lisa Loeb and Drake Bell. Vaultmeister for the Zappa Family Trust since 1995. Currently drumming with Zappa Plays Zappa. SPECIAL GUESTS: Ray White Guitar and Vocals Ray White is a rock and blues guitarist most well-known as a member of Frank Zappa's touring ensembles. He was drafted into Zappa's band in the fall of 1976, being featured on rhythm guitar and vocals. He participated on such albums as Zappa in New York (featuring a powerful lead vocal on "The Illinois Enema Bandit"), Tinsel Town Rebellion, and You Are What You Is amongst others in Zappa's voluminous catalogue. Ray has also worked with jam-oriented groups like KVHW, Don't Push the Clown and Umphrey's McGee since his contributions to the Zappa band, and has more recently worked with a variety of Michigan artists, including former Rare Earth Drummer Bob Weaver, as well as members of the funk/fusion combo Generic Produce. Grand Rights, Project/Object Copyright © mmvi. zft. All music, art, images, text and other content on are variously copyrighted for the world and © Zappanese (unless otherwise noted). Zappa, FZ, Frank Zappa, Grand Rights, Project/Object and the Moustache are marks belonging to the Zappa Family Trust. All Rights Reserved. Zappa Plays Zappa/Tour de Frank is a Project/Object of The Project/Object.

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