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There are at least three bands who go by the name Zar. (1) Zar is a melodic hard rock/power metal band from Germany (Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg) . Their first release came out in 1990 titled "Live your life forever", and sounded similar to Dio, Europe and TNT. The band has started as a hard rock band, but have changed their direction for the second album towards melodic heavy/power metal, which was comparable to Axxis stylewise. John Lawton did not want to sing on the new, harder material, and so he was replaced by Thommy Bloch. John later returned to sing lead vocals as a guest on one song on the ``From Welcome... To Goodbye`` album. The band is active as of 2009. Discography: Live Your Life Forever Full-length, 1990 Carry On Single, 1991 Sorted Out Full-length, 1991 From Welcome... To Goodbye Full-length, 1993 The Holy Rhythm of Nature Full-length, 1995 Hard to the Beat Full-length, 2003 Current Lineup: André Sauber - Vocals Tommy Clauss - Guitar (Rebel) Lars Nippa - Drums (Chryztyne) (2) The Danish folk band ZAR has released two CDs so far. Both CDs have been awarded a Danish Music Award. The first album "Strengeleg" was awarded for best debut-recording of the year 2002, and in 2004 Sine Lauritsen was awarded Best Vocalist for the album Tusind Tanker. ZAR plays traditional songs and tunes that have survived through several generations, and in the hands of ZAR the music starts living again. ZAR does not only find it's inspiration from the international folk-scene, ZAR is also exploring other music-styles such as jazz and pop-music. "We want to give people a chance to hear that Danish folk-music can cause some fantastic experiences, as long as you keep an open mind." These are the words of vocalist Sine Lauritsen, who is the front figure on the stage with her charismatic voice. Besides Sine the band consists of four young musicians all educated from the Danish music academies. The line-up is fiddles, guitar and double-bass, which sometimes makes it hard to sit still during a concert. ZAR has toured festivals and venues all over Denmark and has furthermore played at festivals in Scotland, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia. Sine Lauritsen: Vocal Christopher Davis Maack: Fiddle Andreas Tophøj Rasmussen: Fiddle Rasmus Zeeberg: Guitar Steffan S. Sørensen: Double bass, fiddle. (3) Keyboardist Jo Thirion (Etron Fou Leloublan) teams up with drummer Katie O'Looney (Carbon) for a series of composed duets.They put on an energetic, well-paced performance with some genuine new ideas. They released "Reservoir" from Stupeur&Trompette! records in 1995 which produced by Elliott Sharp.

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