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Zaratustra biography

Zaratustra was a melodic black(with gothic influences) metal band from Varna, Bulgaria formed in 1995. Created by Kiril Bakardjiev(Vocals, Guitar), Radoslav Groudev(Guitar, Bass), Nina Petrova(Synth), and Michail Parushev(Drums). Their first release "...In Bleakness" was released independently on tape in 1996. It was then re-released in 1998 on CDr by View Beyond Records (Limited to 100 copies, new artwork, and a different track listing than the original). It was re-released again in 1998 on tape by Counter Attack Records (With original track listing and full colored cover). Some time after "...In Bleakness", Michail left the band and was replaced by Dean Pavlov. Their first full length album "It Was A Night" was released in 1999 on both MC and CD formats. The band split up in 1999? Official website Metal-Archives Counter Attack Records

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