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Zaraza was a Canadian band that combined industrial and doom/death metal. Zaraza was influenced by bands such as Laibach, Swans, Winter, My Dying Bride, Unholy, Dissecting Table, Cocteau Twins, Wolfgang Press (Bird Wood Cage era) and Polish legends Variété (especially their long lost "Bydgoszcz" debut). Free downloads of Zaraza releases in MP3, Ogg and FLAC formats: Official site: The two members were Grzegorz Haus ov Doom (also known as Brian Damage, leader of Montreal industrial legends Phycus) and newly arrived Polish immigrant Jacek "Doomhammer", who met together while DJ'ing at Montreal's CKUT 90.3 FM alternative radio station. Shortly thereafter, in 1993 Zaraza was born. Zaraza have released the following albums: Life is Death Postponed (Demo - 1995) Slavic Blasphemy (Album - 1997) No Paradise To Lose (Album - 2004) Montrealska Akropola (A Tribute to Laibach) (MCD - 2004) Life is Death Postponed (Re-issue - 2004) Farewell to Doom (final 2006 demo) Zaraza disbanded in 2006 and there are no plans for it ever returning. Grzegorz Haus ov Doom resurfaced under his more popular name Brian Damage in The Unireverse.

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