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Zauber biography

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Zauber is a progressive rock band from Turin, Italy. They only released an album in the '70s but their career lasted until late '90s with many more CD releases. A dreamy, relaxed album, this contains 7 tracks with acoustic guitar, keyboards and flute in evidence, in a soft style not far from Pierrot Lunaire. Liliana Bodini's voice is rather thin but gives the music an original atmosphere. 2) Zauber is a French dark electro band created in February 2005 by Ludovic Dhenry (all tracks, composition, keyboards, programming, lyrics, vocal, records, mix). A second person is present on scene for concerts. Zauber made its first appearances in electro, goth, industrial clubs in April 2005 with the demo track "Euphoria" in Belgium.

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