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Zaur Тutov (Russian: Заур Тутов; born January 1, 1951) is an honoured artist of Russia, Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria Republics. After study at school where the future actor sang in school amateur performance, he ended the vocal branch of Musical school in Nalchik. Between 1971 and 1973 Tutov served in the Soviet Army on the island Sakhalin. After demobilization he was invited to be a soloist in the Kabardino-Balkaria philharmonic society. In 1976 he became a soloist in Moscow. In 1986 Zaur Тutov ended the Russian academy of Music of name Gnesinyh (formerly GMPI), a class of the soloist of the State Academic Big theatre of the country of name Evgenie Belova. Zaur Tutov - the winner of the most prestigious All-Union, All-Russia and International competitions: All-Union competition of executors Soviet songs in Minsk II premium, 1973; the All-Russia competition the Red carnation in Sochi - I the premium, 1976. He is the actor – laureate of the World festival of youth and students in Berlin, 1973; the winner of TV competition with „Song on a life“. Tutov participated in festivals in city Zeliona Gura (Green Mountain), Poland, 1978 and Dechinsky an anchor, Czechoslovakia, 1979. For the creative life the actor has repeatedly visited with concerts all republics of former Soviet Union, went on tour to Belgium, GDR, Israel, India, Jordan, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, Turkey much. Between 1989 and 1992 Zaur Tutov worked as the senior teacher of singing class at the Russian academy of a theatrical art (earlier GITIS). Tens records of Zaur Tutov are made in All-Union and All-Russia radio: arias from operas, national songs, romances, variety products. Among them - song „Eternal spring“ (Vechnaja vesna) of David Tuhmanova, which was extraordinary popular in 70-80th years. On big concert stage Zaur Tutov for the first time has appeared with a variety-symphonic orchestra of All-Union radio and TV under the control of the National actor of the USSR Jury Silanteva. Then there were performances with orchestras under the control of Anatoly Badhena, Alexander Mihajlova, Murada Kazlaev, Alexander Petuhova, with an orchestra of Russian national tools under the control of Nikolay Kalinina. Zaur Tutov has lead three stage solo concert of late years: on February 26 1993 in the State variety theatre; on November 8 2000 in the P.I.Tschaikovsky Concert hall; on September 21 2001 in the State Central concert hall Russia. In the program of concerts singer Zaur Tutov who has acted also as the director, has included arias from operas of Russian and foreign composers - classics, Russian national and Neapolitan songs, romances. By anniversary Zaur Tutov has let out an album from three compact discs in which has included products of Russian and West-European composers - classics, Russian national, Neapolitan and Italian songs, and also variety songs of domestic composers. Today the mature, highly professional artist who is taking place as never in the fine performing form which it supports and develops one of the most vociferous singers of Russia Zaur Tutov daily lasting many hours employment of a vocal. The talented executor constantly appears to the admirers in different corners of our country, continues to write down new bright products for the next compact disc. Baritone of Zaur Tutov - extraordinary warm, heart-felt timbre, at the same time it possesses huge dynamics, it is audible without a microphone in the biggest halls. I think, that Zaur Tutov is one of conspicuouses pages of a domestic vocal art. He is the singer, managed to personify singing culture and traditions of Russia, Caucasus, Italy. Interview with the art director, director GCKZ Russia Vyacheslav Karpova to the newspaper Evening Moscow 18.09.2001. For Zaur Tutov a song Eternal spring (Three months - the summer, three months - the autumn, three months - the winter) echoed all country. The success was fantastic. Singer’s powerful baritone of extraordinary warm, heart-felt timbre was sounded by radio and TV. For him applauded in Italy, the USA, Germany, Israel, Belgium.

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