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Zavorash biography

Zavorash, which stands for Za Vorbashtar Raz Shapog ("The Legion of Revenge" in the Black Speech), was a Swedish black metal band featuring the raw, guttural vocals of TotalScorn (IXXI) and the drumwork of Necromorbus, who has worked in many prominent black metal bands including: Funeral Mist, Corpus Christii, Ofermod, Watain, and In Aeternum. Their lyrics revolved around bleak themes such as nihilism and the shortcomings of mankind. They released two demos, a compilation, and one full-length. They then disbanded following the release of their sole album. Discography: - Za Vorbashtar Raz Shapog (demo, 1997) - In Odium Veritas (demo, 1998) - In Odium Veritas 1996-2002 (comp, 2003) - Nihilistic Ascension & Spiritual Death (2006)

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