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Zayra Alvarez (b. December 11, 1978) is a Puerto Rican born musician currently based in Texas. She was born to Luis Cruz and Ana Dones Torres and grew up in the coastal town of Arroyo. Along with her older sister Liza, she took part in talent shows and school plays. At age 14, she started playing in different bands on a quest for self-discovery. After a few years, her parents forced her to choose a career and go to college. After studying at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez, she decided to visit Dallas for an adventure with her best friend from home. Little did she know that Dallas would be where her passion for music would be rekindled. Currently lives in Richardson, Texas. Zayra also stars in the the independent film "Lycanthrope". The movie features one of her original songs, "This Is Love", which can be found on the re-release of her album "Rueleta" She competed on the CBS show Rockstar: Supernova in 2006, and was the eighth contestant eliminated on August 16.

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