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Zaza biography

There are several artists sharing this name: 1. A rock band from New York, United States 2. A rock band from Ohio, United States 3. A new wave band from Germany 4. A pop group from Thailand 5. An indie rock band from the Netherlands 6. A rapper from Florida, United States 1. ZAZA is the name of a New York, New York based trio comprised of Danny Taylor (guitar/vocals/programming) Jennifer Fraser (bass/keyboards) and Dru Prentiss (live percussion). They released a debut EP entitled “Cameo” in 2008 on Kanine Records and self released an LP entitled “Sacred Geometry” in 2011. 2. Zaza is also the name of a rock band from Cleveland, Ohio (1987 to 1992), featuring Neil Zaza (guitars), David Dennis (vocals), Ray Liptak (bass), Stick E. (drums), and Thommie Shea (keyboards). They got moderate success on Cleveland radio with the songs “Maybe Tomorrow” and “Wild and Forever”. 3. ZaZa is also the name of a “Neue Deutsche Welle” (=New German Wave) project, that charted with the song “Der Zauberstab” (=the magic wand) 4. Zaza is a Thai pop group 5. Zaza is a Dutch indie rock band 6. Zaza is a rapper from Miami, Florida

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