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Zaza Fournier is a singer of pop French , born 9 November 1984 in Paris. Born in Paris, Camille Fournier grew up in the Oise. She studied theater, violin, before trying the accordion at the age of 19. Her singing career began by chance: summoned by his drama teacher to improvise on a boat but basic theme ("What is a man, what is a woman?"), She said sings a song she just co-write for fun with her ​​aunt, Life together. His accomplices in music, Jack Lahana (including director Brigitte Fontaine, Bride ...) and multi-instrumentalist Rob (keyboardist of the Phoenix Group, author of film music, he is also pursuing a solo project Dodécalogue ...), make it the single Zaza Fournier, charming first album, where Elvis Presley is affected finger. Jack Lahana and Rob continued the experiment (direction & arrangements), based on guitars and drums Nico Bug Raphael Seguinier. We waited in cheeky singer birds Parisian sidewalks postwar, but now in his wanderings, Zaza was accompanied by the complete songs of Roy Orbison, the author of Blue Bayou, guitarist and major interpreter 1960s Zaza also listened Christophe Aline and Les Paradis lost time with their prose and cheeky teenager dose wave to the soul because "these 15 years in which what one feels beautiful and rare 'pass at the speed of lightning. It was seized by the feeling that "what was is no longer." This new nostalgia (My brother, mom, written for his mother), however, has not begun the sensual indulgence and vigorous optimism that had been the hallmark of Zaza Fournier. 1991: She learned to play the violin. 2002 She studied in Florent. Meanwhile, she studied performing arts. 2004: She learned to play the accordion. 2005: She follows an actress training at the Conservatory of the 16th arrondissement of Paris. 2008: In March, she signed with Warner label [ref. necessary] and released in October his first album "Life together." 2011: She released her second album, "Look at me"

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