Zazen top 20 songs


Zazen biography

1) New Age Progressive Electronic band 2) Progressive House DJ and Producer 1) Zazen, which means sitting meditation, was an electronic and new age band formed in the mid-80's by Rama (Frederick Lenz), Andy West, Joaquin Lievano, and Steve Kaplan. They released 21 albums in their 13 year history (more than 25 if including re-release/re-production), three of those (Enlightenment, Canyons Of Light, and Cayman Blue) being released on Miramar Records. Frederick Lenz was a spiritual teacher who taught what he termed American Buddhism, including the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Vedanta, and Mysticism. Lenz was also an author, software designer, businessman, and record producer. He was known to his students as Rama. Joaquin Lievano and Steve Kaplan were early students who were musicians, and Rama just happened to be looking to include live music in his guided meditations, so he talked them into forming a band. They initially played instrumental progressive rock, but over time started to incorporate a more relaxed meditative style of playing while still retaining an intense dynamic to the music. 2)

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