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Zealot can refer to several artists: Facebook Formed In: March 2012 Hometown Location: Willmar, Minnesota Genre: Deathcore/Hardcore/Beatdown Band Lineup: Austin Scherzberg - Vocals Ethan Erickson - Guitar Mike Gleaves - Bass David Anderson - Drums 02 A DJ and producer from Kocani,Macedonia - Zealot (Tasty Slime / Darkness Falls) http://soundcloud.com/zealot 03 A producer and DJ from Ohio. (Organic Soundsystem) 04 A Melodic Death Metal from Finland that changed its name to 'Whispered' after releasing one demo as Zealot. 05 A DJ. 06 A Stoner/Doom Metal band 07 A rock and industrial producer from Japan. http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/ZEALOT

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